About WineExpress.com Wine Ratings
Customer Rating

Our Customer Rating reflects the general opinion of everyone who has purchased wine from WineExpress.com and wrote a review about their selection. Customers' individual assesments of a particular wine are indicated with wine glass icons (instead of oft-used stars). Those wine glasses are totaled and averaged to represent the overall Customer rating of that wine.
1 Glass = Poor - 2 Glasses = Fair - 3 Glasses = Good -  4 Glasses = Excellent - 5 Glasses = Outstanding.

Expert Rating

WineExpress.com Director: Josh Farrell
Our Expert Rating reflects the assessment of Josh Farrell, WineExpress.com's Wine Director, and a panel of experienced wine industry professionals. The former Cellar Master and Sommelier at New York's prestigious Windows on the World Restaurant, Farrell heads the rating process using the 100 Point Scale, the expert-devised system for rating wine based on color, aroma, taste, and mouthfeel.
80-82 = Acceptable
83-86 = Good 87-89 = Very Good
90-93 = Excellent 94-97 = Superb 98-100 = Classic
In addition, we also include expert reviews from major publications such as Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Wine Spectator, Wine Advocate, Wine & Spirits, Wine News, International Wine Cellar, Tasting Panel, Connoisseur's Guide, Burghound, James Suckling, Jancis Robinson, Decanter Magazine, and Beverage Testing Institute.
These are indicated by their respective initials:
WE- Wine Enthusiast
WS- Wine Spectator
WA- Wine Advocate
W&S- Wine & Spirits
WN- Wine News
IWC- International Wine Cellar
TP- Tasting Panel
CG- Connoisseur's Guide
PH- Burghound
JS- James Suckling
JR- Jancis Robinson, Decanter Magazine
BTI- Beverage Testing Institute
AG- Antonio Galloni
PR- Pinot Review
DM- Decanter Magazine
JWP- Just Wine Points
JH- James Halliday
WRO- Wine Review Online
BD- Beverage Dynamics
UWC- Ultimate Wine Challange
CC- Critics Challange
WC- Winemakers Challenge
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